ljve.io: the future is Node.js port of Ljve

Hi there, after very many feedbacks from developers and companies, with both tech-preview meetings and several early experimental projects, the final choice is made...   Ljve prototype will be ported to Node.js and will be open-source!   The decision reflects different points: Ljve is a (wide) set of technologies for the web, and it's illogical […]

LZMA library for browsers with WebWorker support (multi-threading)

Follow my lzma-purejs fork on GitHub: https://github.com/marcominetti/lzma-purejs/tree/master/webworker. What The browser port of lzma-purejs lets you compress and decompress data through LZMA algorithm directly at client side, within a browser, while preserving user experience with multithreading support and WebWorkers (HTML5).    Install The browser implementation includes three files: lzma.js - Wrapper for WebWorker and multithreaded execution. lzma.worker.js - LZMA implementation. utf8.conv.js - […]

Sheding light on Ljve Javascript Compiler

Ljve Javascript Compiler is a project that aims at providing a Javascript compiler for Mono (and .NET) that can be easily executed on servers, desktops and mobiles. The underlying idea was to let web developers focus on a single language (Javascript) both for front-end and back-end and, in the same time, be able to instantly integrate and keep using libraries from existing valuable projects and […]

OpenSSL wrapper for .NET (better Mono on Linux)

Hi there! In the devthon to take Ljve from private alpha to (downloadable) beta, I have successfully integrated OpenSSL for HTTPS implementation (and WSS - websockets). Let me explain how and why...   Mono is currently missing implementations for TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 protocol and highly secured new AES-GCM ciphers (see here). Microsoft itself integrated recent protocols […]


This site is for reference purpose only and will not be updated. The project, formerly known as Ljve, has been rebooted with open source, rebranded as ljve.io and moved to http://ljve.io/.